It is my belief that the resources listed below can be helpful, but no endorsement or recommendation is
implied. I encourage each of us to always pray for personal guidance in our individual spiritual efforts.

Most of the LDS titles in the following list can be obtained from
your local LDS bookstores, online, or by phone.

Websites Toll-Free Numbers E-Mail Contacts
Deseret Book (800) 453-4532 http://www.deseretbook.com/help/contact.html
Covenant Books (800) 662-9545 info@covenant-lds.com
Cedar Fort Publications (800) 759-2665 websupport@cedarfort.com
Seagull Books (800) 999-6257 sales@seagullbook.com
Evergreen Bookstore (800) 391-1000 Info@EvergreenInternational.Org

LDS Harrison, Colleen C. He Did Deliver Me From Bondage. Revised edition 2002. ISBN 1-930738-14-5. Availablefrom Wyndhaven Publishing, P.O. Box 282, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 or online at http://www.rosehavenpublishing.com.

This self-guiding workbook merges the time-tested principles from the original 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, which have helped millions to recover from that addiction, with the gospel principles of repentance, forgiveness and spiritual transformation, as revealed in LDS scriptures. It identifies many of the self-defeating assumptions so many Mormons make about having to obey everything perfectly, on their own, in order to be acceptable to God. It presents compelling instructions on how to believe, accept and draw upon the promises Christ has made to help us overcome the weaknesses we cannot conquer by ourselves. While intended to be used in 12-Step support groups, it can also be used individually.

LDS Beck, Martha and Nibley, John C. Breaking the Cycle of Compulsive Behavior. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.

These LDS psychologists testify of the need to rely on the atonement of Christ as the only way the vicious cycle of compulsive behavior can be broken. It is uses an approach based on LDS doctrine for compulsive behavior. It is an excellent resource, since it deals with the root of compulsive/obsessive disorder rather than the "leaves" (e.g., the person's acting out behavior of choice -- overeating, kleptomania, sex, drugs, alcohol, anorexia, etc.)

LDS Byrd, A. Dean, and Mark Chamberlain. Willpower is Not Enough. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book

This book explains why real change requires more than determination and why willpower often prevents change more than helping it. It tells how to get past the limitations of the mind and draw upon the stronger power of the heat and emotions. Each principle is illustrated by compelling case studies about the dilemmas and recoveries of real people.

Carnes, Patrick J. Don't Call it Love: Recovery from Sexual Addiction (formerly titled Sexual Addiction). New York: Bantam Books, 1991. ISBN 0-553-35138-9

Based on research involving over 1,000 recovering sex addicts and co-addicts, this comprehensive work outlines the stages of recovery and presents advice from the addicts and co-addicts themselves as they work to overcome their compulsive behavior. Recommended both for counselors and for recovering people.

Carnes, Patrick J. A Gentle Path Through the Twelve Steps. 1992. Published by Hazelden Educational Materials, P.O. Box 176, Center City, MN 55012-0176.

A workbook on the Twelve Steps specifically designed with both the sex addict and the co-addicts in mind. It offers comprehensive and practical exercises for each of the twelve steps for anyone working a sexual recovery program.

Carnes, Patrick J. Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction. Minneapolis: CompCare Publications, 1985. Also published by Hazelden Educational Materials, P.O. Box 176, Center City, MN 55012-0176. ISBN 0896380866.

This is the landmark book introducing and legitimizing the concept of sexual behaviors and sexual fantasies as an addictive disease. Dr. Carnes proposes three levels of sexual addiction, describes the addiction cycle and its progression, and presents the faulty core beliefs of the addict and the co-addict and their healthy counterparts.

Hope and Recovery: A Twelve-Step Guide for Healing From Compulsive Sexual Behavior. 1987. Published by Hazelden Educational Materials, P.O. Box 176, Center City, MN 55012-0176.

This was one of the first books to comprehensively describe the application of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to sexual addiction and compulsivity. It also includes a wide range of personal stories in which recovering sexual addicts share their experience, strength, and hope.

LDS Jeppsen, Rod. Turn Yourselves and Live: Is Any Thing Too Hard for the Lord? ISBN 0-9661898-0-9. Available from Evergreen, Deseret Book, and BYU Bookstores.

This book also helps the reader to identify the root problems in compulsive sexual addictions. It provides hope and practical guidance to those who are struggling with a compulsive sexual lifestyle as well as the individuals who are trying to help them get out of such behavior. The workbook format helps the reader to get out of denial, distinguish the difference between irrational thoughts and rational Christ-centered thoughts and shows them how to defuse "trigger points" that perpetuate the addiction.

LDS Kimball, Spencer W. The Miracle of Forgiveness. Bookcraft Publishers, Salt Lake City, UT, 1969.

While stern and uncompromising in its condemnation of sin, this book is filled with hope, encouragement and promise of divine help for every person who is ready and willing to repent. It explains why the sinner is suffering and the pathway out of that pain to forgiveness and peace.

LDS McGrew, J. Michael, ed. "What Every Bishop Should Know about Men with Pornography Addictions."
An excellent article that can help addicts and family members, too.

LDS Oaks, Dallin H. "Free Agency and Freedom." Papers from the 3rd Annual Book of Mormon Symposium, BYU, pp. 1-17.
This 10/11/87 fireside address discusses how wrong choices limit our freedom. People susceptible to certain addictive behaviors have impaired freedom, but still have agency and are responsible for their acts.

LDS Robinson, Stephen E. Believing Christ and Following Christ, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company.

Two excellent books for learning to believe and claim the promises of Christ in our lives. How to bridge the doubts and hang-ups of perfectionism that keep so many from fully coming to Christ and receiving the transforming power of His divine grace. Brother Robinson illustrates the power of the Savior as he uses analogies and parables, as well as scriptures and personal experiences in these moving books. As long as we progress in some degree, the Lord will be pleased and will bless us. We must not only believe in Christ but also believe Him - believe that He has the power to exalt us, that He can do what He claims. People will better understand the doctrines of mercy, justification, and salvation by grace after reading these two books.

Weiss, Douglas. The Final Freedom: Pioneering Sexual Addiction Recovery. January 1998.

Perhaps one of the best information sources on sex addiction to date. This book explains the biological and psychological reasons someone becomes a sex addict. The new cycle of sex addiction as well as a practical outline for early recovery is also found in The Final Freedom.


An e-mail support group for people with pornography problems.

LDS Heart t' Heart
12-Step organization with an emphasis on the Book of Mormon for people dealing with addictions
E-mail: help@heart-t-heart.org

LDS Latter-day Saint Recovery
Sexual addiction recovery support and resources, including discussion forums

LDS LDS SSA Recovery Resources
Includes lists of organizations and publications supporting Latter-day Saints who are trying to deal properly with sexual addictions and same-sex attraction.

LDS Salt Lake Counseling Center
Sexual Trauma & Recovery (STAR)
Mark Chamberlain, Dan Gray, Todd Olson
151 E. 5600 South #204
Murray, UT 84107

Setting Captives Free
A free 60-day Christian sexual addiction recovery program that emphasizes the teachings of the Scriptures and offers daily help from mentors who have successfully overcome their own addictive problems

LDS Springs of Water
Support for Latter-day Saints overcoming all kinds of spiritual challenges

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